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Call us for the best in central vacuums and accessories. We guarantee great prices, friendly service and after sales support. 

Brands we sell and service: Beam Central Vacuums, Electrolux, Eureka, Orbit, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Hoover, Wessell and others. 

Central vacuums & accessories Central Vacuum Repair

Central Vacuums



  • Systems for small, medium or large size homes
  • High powered systems providing superior cleaning
  • Gore-Tex self cleaning filters.
  • Brand names such as Beam, Electrolux and Orbit
  • Excellent warranty coverage up to 10 Years
  •  All steel construction with metal 16 liter (4 US gal.) dirt container.  Needs to be emptied twice a year, on average.  

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Hose Packages From $99.99



  • Hose packages for all applications.
  • Selection of air hoses and accessories for hard surface cleaning
  • Comes with various cleaning tools like floor, carpet, upholstery and dust brushes.
  • Selection of packages for dual carpet and hard surface cleaning
  • Crushproof hoses
  • Warranties up to 5 years

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Replacement Hoses



  • Electrical and non electrical hose replacements.
  • Standard air hoses with or without remote on/off switches
  • 110 volt hose replacements for many power head systems.
  • Crushproof
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with many brands

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Replacement Power Heads



  • Selection of electrical central vacuum power heads
  • Compatible with many hose styles
  • Standard power heads for basic cleaning
  • High powered grooming power heads available for multiple carpet styles and pilies.
  • Air driven heads available for small carpet areas and rugs. 

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Cleaning Tools



  • Assorted size floor brushes
  • Assorted cleaning tools
  • Telescopic Wands
  • Hose covers
  • Combination floor and rug tools
  • Specialty tools for under fridges and  dryer vents
  • Hose hangers
  • Hose and tools storage bags
  • And much more

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Cleaning Accessories



  • Central vacuum cleaning and deoderizer cloths
  • Bio-degradable carpet cleaners
  • Eco-clean pet stain removers
  • Eco-clean kitchen and appliance cleaners
  • Pet grooming vacuum accessories.

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